Selected Public Outreach

In English

Animals and nature require legal protection as a result of climate change, HF News (November 2022)

The Antarctic paradox

The Antarctic Paradox (co-authored with Peder Roberts), in Aeon (May 2022)

A story about Political Philosophy Looks to Antarctica in Science Daily (March 2017)

An interview about The Right of Necessity in New Books in Philosophy (August 2017)

An interview about The Right of Necessity in Forward Radio (October 2017)

In Spanish

litio y cobre El mostrador¿Un estado de bienestar hecho de litio y cobre? in El Mostrador (enero 2022)

An interview about my projects and deep ecology in Entangled Epiphanies

An interview about Antarctic politics in La lucha por el control de la Antártida

In Norwegian

Mener nasjonalstatenes suverenitet står i veien for miljøkampen: – Ingen representerer Antarktis, i Morgenbladet (December 2022)

Klimaendringene krever at dyr og natur gis juridisk beskyttelse, i (November 2022)

Får Chile den grønneste grunnlov noensinne? i Aftenposten (August 2022)

morgenbladetAn interview about my project on Antarctica at (February 2020)interview Salongen

An interview about the right of necessity and the need for the establishment of a Universal Basic Income at Bistandsaktuelt (June 2020)

An interview about my project on Antarctica at Forskning.no (March 2019)